Build your noble legacy for generations to come

Grand Founders is an economic development and national security foundation that makes impact investments and supports emerging entrepreneurs globally, ensuring a noble legacy for generations to come. The foundation is a NYC based 501c3 (EIN: 923725118), and fully backed and supervised by Grand Founders Ambassadors.

Grand Founders Ambassadors is a noble community of mission-driven and socially responsible multimillionaires, united by similar culture and values.

Grand Founders is an esteemed economic development and national security foundation that takes strategic measures to foster global prosperity.

About Grand Founders
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Mission is to promote economic development
and national security by supporting emerging entrepreneurs and making impact investments.


Vision is to build and support
a community of a million responsible business leaders and investors aiming to create 
a noble legacy for generations to come.

Culture & Values

Grand Founders’ Culture and Values are driven by dignity, integrity, liberty, fidelity, courage, authority and legacy.

Constitution and Corporate Governance

The Constitution and Corporate Governance document outlines our organizational governance, decision-making processes, and transparency. 
It ensures accountability, checks and balances, and responsible handling of donations.

To familiarize yourself with all aspects, download the document.

Fostering Responsible Leaders, Enabling Exchange, and Supporting Growth

/ Social Impact

A thriving community of responsible business leaders and investors fostering collaboration, mutual support and social responsibility.

/ Professional Impact

An interactive platform enabling the exchange and sharing of ideas, opportunities, knowledge, expertise and professional networking.

/ Financial Impact

Endowment Fund that provides 
financial support to community 
members and their allies.

Our insights have revealed that future success hinges on the following principles, which we refer to as the 3Rs, 3Ps, and 3Cs and successfully implemented into Trust Hub:


Resources, Relationships, and Responsibility


Purpose, Prosperity, and Protection


Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication

Impact and Legacy


Total Program Contributions


People Impacted with basic necessities


Impact Events Audience


Emerging founders/funders supported

At Grand Founders, we believe that communities are the backbone of progress and development, and are crucial in supporting emerging entrepreneurs.

Our overall Grand Founders community, however, is split into a number of formal communities with their own distinct focus and purpose. These communities offer tailored experiences to caterto the diverse interests and aspirations of our members.

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