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Grand Investors

Grand Investors

Grand Investors is a noble community of mission-driven and socially responsible funders, united by similar culture and values.

Community Highlights

At Grand Founders, we deeply value our community of Investors. Together, we have devoted approximately 15,000 hours to learning and establishing a Trust Hub, designed for mission-driven and socially responsible investors and entrepreneurs. And build a community that boasts over 10 Grand Investors, representing billions in investable assets.

Grand Investors

Our insights have revealed that future success hinges on the following principles, which we refer to as the 3Rs, 3Ps, and 3Cs and successfully implemented into Trust Hub:


Resources, Relationships, and Responsibility


Purpose, Prosperity, and Protection


Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication

Grand Investors benefits

Membership in Grand Founders offers an opportunity to cement your role among responsible leaders and be part of an elite, thoroughly vetted community. Here are some of the benefits you can expect:


Highly vetted community

Membership in a meticulously curated network of accomplished leaders and industry pioneers, ensuring a community of the highest caliber with shared values, expertise, and commitment to excellence.



Experience the power of Grand Connect, an exclusive platform designed to foster meaningful connections and collaboration within the Grand Founders network. This innovative AI-driven community engagement and integration platform enables seamless communication, resource-sharing, and strategic alliances among members.



Exclusive access to Grand Founders Conclave and other high-profile networking events, conferences, and private dinners, with priority invitations to member-only Grand Founders events.



Opportunities for speaking engagements, interviews, and podcasts to elevate your profile within and beyond our community.


and Business Development

Access to unique investment and fundraising opportunities, as well as business development and partnership cultivation within the extensive Grand Founders network.


Giving back

Engagement in mentorship, philanthropy, and social impact initiatives for mutual growth and insight.



Use of the complimentary Grand Founders executive lounge, located at One World Trade Center in NYC, equipped with private meeting rooms and workspaces.


Influence over Grand Founders' direction

Members may have the opportunity to influence the organization's direction through roles on committees, advisory boards, or as a board director, subject to specific criteria and conditions.


A collective 9% equity stake

Members may collectively hold a 9% equity stake in the Grand Connect App/Trust Hub, an innovative AI-driven community engagement and integration platform. Conditions for eligibility include a commitment exceeding 9 years and an annual contribution greater than $25k.

Grand Investors Requirements


Believe in Our Foundation

We strive to ensure that every member of our community not only believes in our mission, but shares a similar culture and values as Grand Founders.


Verify Community Wealth Standard

We require all members to have a net worth, net income, or AUM exceeding $50M, ensuring our community comprises individuals with substantial resources for mutual assistance.


Secure a Referral From an Existing Member

If you haven't yet met anyone from our community, you are welcome to submit an online application to meet someone from our membership committee.


Fulfill an Annual Donation

All members should fulfill an annual donation. Such donations are tax deductible for individuals with a United States tax presence.


Sign a non-binding pledge

All Grand Investors are encouraged to sign a non-binding pledge, indicating their commitment to consider investing in both Grand Founders community members and Ukrainian founders.


Respect our Code of Conduct

All members must adhere to our Code of Conduct.

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