Human Capital

Human Capital

Executive Team

The Executive Leadership of Grand Founders assumes full responsibility for all daily activities, which include, but are not limited to:

Planning, execution, management, development, people management, program management and development, marketing, PR, communications, fundraising and grant making, payments, contracting and establishing partnerships.

Members of the Executive Team

Richard Ogilchyn


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, comprising 9-15 members, sets the strategic direction of the foundation.

At least 25% of the Board consists of members from the Founding Leadership Council, and up to 25% may be representatives from Grand Founders’ Communities. The Board oversees fundraising, staffing, investments, and strategic planning. Voting in Board meetings is done through show of hands, voice votes, or electronic solutions.

Members of the
Board of Directors
Members from Founding
Leadership Council
from Grand Founders’ Communities

Richard Ogilchyn

Chairman of the Board

Sergey Kraytman

Vice Chairman of the Board, Head of Steering Committee

Dmitry Zolotarevsky

Treasurer, Head of Risk Management, Cybersecurity, Compliance and Audit Committee

Mike Moradi

Board Director, Member of Steering Committee

Jack Selby

Board Director

Martin Hahn

Board Director

Russell Read

Board Director

Andrew Frank

Board Director

Kurt Volker

Independent Board Director

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board, a non-voting body, offers strategic insights and guidance to the Board of  Directors and Executive Leadership.

Members are appointed for one year, with term extensions for up to five years. The Advisory Board ensures diversity in the representation of perspectives and expertise, all aligned with the foundation's goals.

Members of the
Advisory Board
1 year
Term of Appointment
Up to 5 years
Term Extensions

Rita Cosby

Honorary Trustee, Multi-Emmy Award Winning Journalist

Yelena Dudochkin

Honorary Trustee, Soprano, Innovator

Jean-François Le Ruyet

Board Advisor, Partner at Quilvest Capital Partners

Yury Dubrovsky

Member of Risk Management, Cybersecurity, Compliance and Audit Committee

Martin Schweikhart

Member of Risk Management, Cybersecurity, Compliance and Audit Committee

Volodymyr Lytvyn

Board Advisor

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