Grand Endowment

Grand Founders Endowment Fund

Grand Endowment is a strategic investment fund designed to provide financial support to community members: Grand Founders Ambassadors, Grand Investors, Grand Comrades, and allies in Ukraine while attracting international capital. It will channel resources into a co-investment fund, supporting infrastructure, private equity, venture capital, and direct deals. Grand Endowment is funded by 50% of Grand Founders contributions, external contributions and investments from LPs.

The fund, launching in 2024/25, aims to leave a lasting legacy aligned with the Grand Founders’ mission. Emphasizing the transformative power of entrepreneurs, the philosophy extends to community upliftment. By empowering emerging entrepreneurs and managers, the endowment seeks to foster community engagement and social responsibility. To ensure long-term support, an endowment fund is established as a stable foundation for programs and impact investments. This self-renewing financial resource enables sustained backing for entrepreneurs despite short-term fluctuations, showcasing a steadfast commitment to fostering entrepreneurship for broader economic development, national security, and community empowerment.

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