A letter from the founder

A letter from the founder

Richard Ogilchyn
CEO and Board Chair Grand Founders

In the heart of the enchanting Pre-Carpathian mountains in Western Ukraine, my journey began. Born and raised in a humble village Kosmachivka, my dreams were woven with threads of ambition that stretched far beyond the picturesque landscapes that surrounded me. From the earliest moments of my life, I yearned for the vibrant energy of a metropolis like New York City, where the pulse of change resonated with the beating of my heart.

But I was not like everyone else, and that uniqueness drew both admiration and adversity. A dreamer in a land of practicality, I faced a tempest of challenges that tested my resolve. The echoes of childhood taunts and the sting of false rumors were constant companions. I confronted the darkest corners of human behavior, enduring the painful trials of bullying, deceit, and even the unspeakable, sexual and physical assault. In the midst of these trials, I was cast as an underdog, dismissed and diminished by those who could not comprehend my essence.

Yet, from these trials emerged the fire that would define me. Armed with the tenacity that thrived in adversity, I dared to traverse the path of entrepreneurship, a path often unseen and uncharted in the backdrop of my upbringing. As a member of a minority in a community that grappled with acceptance, my journey was paved with obstacles that would have made others falter. The relentless grind was not just about success; it was a quest to shatter stereotypes, to illuminate the truth that being born into poverty did not extinguish the brilliance of the mind.

And so, through persistence and unwavering spirit, I found myself at the age of 35 in the electric embrace of New York City. The city's towering skyline became a testament to my resilience, a canvas upon which my dreams were painted with vibrant hues of opportunity and growth. I navigated a new world, not by discarding my authenticity, but by infusing it with the lessons learned from the crucible of my past. Each challenge met was a stepping stone to profound understanding, and each triumph was a beacon of hope for those who had walked a similar path.

With a heart full of purpose, I embarked on a mission that would reshape lives. The Grand Founders foundation was born from a vision to cultivate a community of visionary leaders and empathetic investors, a haven for those who sought to bridge the gap between ambition and realization. Through this endeavor, I am determined to turn adversities into lessons, and dreams into tangible change, and altogether build a Grand Ukraine and a better world.

Having known hunger, poverty, and homelessness intimately, I stand as a living testament to the resilience of the human spirit. In the tapestry of my life, I have woven threads of courage, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of transformation. From the peaks of the Carpathians to the bustling streets of New York, I know firsthand the struggles that can break one's spirit, but I also embody the strength that can lift it higher than ever before.

My journey, though arduous, has equipped me with the tools to inspire, uplift, and drive change. I have not merely survived; I have thrived, and now I extend my hand to guide others on their own remarkable journeys of self-discovery and triumph.


/ Richard Ogilchyn
/ CEO and Chairman of the BoD

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