Impact Events

Impact Events for Founders and Funders, Responsible Leaders

Grand Founders impact events provide an incredible value to Grand Founders Communities, all partners and attendees and their allies. It provides an effective way to connect with like-minded individuals with substantial means and resources.

Because these events are small-medium format, it is possible for every attendee to interact with one another. These environments streamline networking with the right people.

Our events are designed to foster responsible leadership, innovations, DE&I, ESG, business development, investor relations, human capital governance, customer/investor success and retention, and address emerging trends such as Quantum, Cybersecurity and AI. This series represents more than just events; it is a journey towards fostering a more integrated, insightful, and cooperative business environment.

Program Highlights

Our goal is ambitious yet attainable - to assist annually at least 10,000 founders, funders and responsible leaders in gaining access to vital capital, encouraging them to adopt socially responsible practices, and implement robust ESG and DE&I policies, and corporate governance.

This initiative isn't just about growth; it's about fostering a sustainable, ethical, and inclusive business environment.

Profile of attendees: 

  • 80% of attendees are founders and funders with AUM/NW/Net income exceeding $1M.

  • 20% of attendees are emerging entrepreneurs, emerging managers, students, scientists, artists, athletes, philanthropists.

All of our events and activities include the participation of social activists, veterans, LGBTQI+ representatives, and immigrants.

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Knowledge. Network. Inspiration.


Grand Founders Conclave

Number of attendees: 20-50
Profile of attendees: U/HNWIs with AUM/NW/Net income exceeding $50M. 
Regularity: Monthly
Location: Confidential

This event is private and confidential, any records or AI assistance is strictly prohibited.


Grand Connect

Number of attendees: Up to 200
Regularity: Monthly
Location: 50% in NYC, 50% in other cities/countries

How It Works: Each partner is invited to bring 10 individuals - 5 existing customers/investors/investees and 5 potential ones. This provides a unique opportunity to reinforce existing relationships and cultivate new ones in a dynamic environment. The invitations should meet the requirements which embody our 80%/20% ethos.

Furthermore, we encourage each partner to nominate 1 existing customer/investor/investee as a speaker. This will not only amplify their voice but also provide a platform to discuss real-world challenges and showcase their successful cooperation with your organization. Speakers will begin with a brief introduction about themselves and the nominating company, followed by insights into their business and the challenges they navigate.

As a Partner, you will have the chance to introduce your business and highlight a social initiative you support, demonstrating your commitment to community and ethical business practices.


Grand Founders Spring Summit, & Annual Summit

Number of attendees: 500-1000
Regularity: Twice a year
Location: NYC


Grand Founders Partnering Events

These events are co-organized/co-hosted in partnership with Grand Founders Ambassadors/Partners/Patrons.

Our advantages

Refined Networking & Business Development

Our gatherings are meticulously organized, featuring a select profile of participants to foster a dynamic and influential community. Participation is exclusive and by invitation only, ensuring a high-caliber networking experience, and learning after industry leaders. Most events are limited to 200 attendees to ensure maximum for Engagement and integration.

Refined Networking & Business Development

Customer & Community Success

By bringing your customers/investors/business partners/friends to the like minded community of business leaders, you enhance their loyalty and contribute to collective prosperity. Your guests will have the opportunity to share their experiences with your organization with the entirety of those in attendance.

Customer & Community Success

Social Responsibility, Impact, & Legacy

Be part of a movement that makes a significant contribution to societal welfare. Learn how your enterprise can play a role in social betterment and create a lasting legacy.

Social Responsibility, Impact, & Legacy

Mutual Support & Enhanced Security

Our community of like-minded business leaders offers a robust support network, creating an environment of mutual assistance and heightened business security.

Mutual Support & Enhanced Security

Our Pledge

Inclusive Access

Our commitment to fostering an inclusive environment ensures that all our events are accessible to qualified attendees free of charge, reflecting our dedication to open dialogue and collaboration.

Invitation Privileges

We extend a special invitation privilege to Grand Founders Ambassadors and Grand Investors, allowing them to bring an additional guest to our events. This encourages the expansion of our network and collective wisdom. Invitations are individual and non-transferable. If you have recommendations for potential attendees, please discuss with us first. We will assess suitability through a conversation, background checks, and adherence to our criteria.

Respect for Time

We value everyone's time. Please arrive on time for the event. Be mindful of the agenda to ensure an intentional and focused atmosphere.

No Commercial/Fundraising Activity

To maintain the authenticity of our events, we have a firm policy against any form of fundraising, sales, or commercial transactions. Our focus is on fostering genuine connections and knowledge exchange.

No Honoraria

We do not pay honoraria or provide travel and expense reimbursements to our speakers, ensuring their participation stems from genuine interest and care.

Diverse Participation

Our invitation reaches a diverse audience, including GPs, LPs, business leaders, community influencers, emerging entrepreneurs/managers, artists, athletes, philanthropists, students, social activists, and future leaders. Prior approval is required for participation from service providers, vendors, or professionals to ensure alignment with our ethos.

Ethical Alignment

Emphasizing the importance of aligning with Grand Founders' ethos, please refer to our comprehensive Code of Conduct on our website. Be interactive and supportive during discussions.

Equality, Respect & Professionalism

We place great value on respect and professionalism. Discriminatory behavior, harassment, and any other forms of misconduct are strictly prohibited. To ensure a secure and welcoming environment, we provide a confidential reporting mechanism for any concerns. Everyone attending is equal; please check egos at the door. No self-promotion; focus on building genuine connections.

Free Speech & Media Involvement

Media involvement requires prior approval. Attendees are welcome to capture pictures and videos, contributing to the collective experience. Discussions about politics, religion, and identities are strictly prohibited to maintain a neutral and business-focused environment. No recording and AI Assistance at our private events/dinners/receptions. All attendees will be informed additionally.

Highly Vetted Attendees

All guests are highly vetted to ensure a cohesive and reputable group, enhancing the quality and relevance of discussions. All guests will have access to the Grand Connect platform to communicate with all attendees and speakers, engage, and follow up.

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Featured Speakers
and Guests:

JoAnn H. Price

Co-Founder / Managing Partner

Hadley Gamble

Award-Winning International Journalist & TV Presenter

Borys Kharchuk

Hero of Ukraine

Rita Cosby

Honorary Trustee at Grand Founders

Ari Melber

Anchor of "The Beat with Ari Melber," Attorney, Writer, Emmy-winning Journalist

Jack Selby

Board Director

Oleksandr Tatarchuk

Hero of Ukraine

David Golub

President at Golub Capital

Howard L. Morgan

Chairman at B Capital Group

Martin Hahn

Board Director

Sandro Salsano

President - Salsano Group

Vlad Zhaivoronok

Hero of Ukraine, POW

Jack Hidary

Chief Executive Officer at SandboxHQ

Bahiyah Robinson

PE/VC Investor, Impact Platform Founder, Aspen Finance Leadership Fellow, Bloomberg New Voices Fellow

Mike Moradi

Board Director, Member of Investment Committee

Vasyl Levchenko

Hero of Ukraine

Ibrahim AlMojel

Founding Partner, Khwarizmi Holding

Heinz Blennemann

Technologist, family office investor, community builder for impact

Deepika Sharma

Global Head of Manager Selection, BlackRock

Falon Donohue

Partner at Narya

Colin Greenspon

Co-Founder & Partner at Narya

Maria Kozloski

Senior Vice President, Innovative Finance at the Rockefeller Foundation

John Frankel

Partner, ff Venture Capital

Stephanie von Friedeburg

Managing Director, Banking and Capital Markets Advisory at Citi

Fred P. Hochberg

Principal at Heydey

Tina Karol

Ukrainian singer and founder of The Tina Karol charitable foundation

Vanessa Liu

Member, Board of Overseers of Harvard University. Co-Founder at FEVO

Charlie Walk

Founder & CEO at Music Mastery

Mariusz Adamski

Partner, ff Venture Capital

Eric Berry

Co-Managing Partner and Co-Founder at Bedford Bridge

James Nguyen

Co-Founder & CEO at Quantropi​

Lincoln Archibald

Co-founder & CIO …. Dedicated to helping people start, build & scale funds

Maura Pally

Executive Director at Blackstone Charitable Foundation

Mayank Singhal

Chief Investment Officer

Paresh Ghelani

Co-Founder @ Casepoint LLC | Smarter Legal Technology

Charles Gasparino

Business journalist

Newton Howard

Founder of the Brain Sciences Foundation; Founder of the Center for Advanced Defense Studies

Rich Nuzum

Executive Director, Investments and Global Chief Investment Strategist at Mercer

Yinglan Tan

Founding Managing Partner at Insignia Ventures Partners

Brandon Hall

Global Co-Head of the Financial Markets Advisory Group at BlackRock

Randall Lane

Chief Content Officer and Editor-in-chief, Forbes

Davyd Arakhamia

Member Of Parliament (majority leader) at Ukrainian Parlament

Tom Buttgenbach

Founder & CEO at Avantus
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