Impact Investments

Impact Investments

We carry out impact investments due to our belief in supporting entrepreneurs holistically, which means providing financial assistance in addition to our social and professional support. These impact investments are deployed directly through our endowment fund, as well as indirectly through our support of third party accelerators and incubators, and also through our Grand Investors Community, which provides a platform for our community to invest directly in companies we work with.

Program Highlights

We have already helped facilitate investments into emerging entrepreneurs that are challenging the status quos of where they live.

At the same time, we're in the process of launching our endowment fund and formalizing our Grand Investor Community, a group of impact-minded investors that are committed to assessing and considering pitches for funding from entrepreneurs who work with us.

# of Entrepreneurs Helped Socially, Professionally, and/or Financially
In-Kind Professional Support
Impact Investments
Community Investments Facilitated

Direct & Indirect Investments


Endowment Fund (direct)

Our soon-to-launch endowment fund will invest in specialized PE & VC funds while also directly co-investing alongside them.

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Third-Party Accelerator & Incubator Support (Indirect)

Our Mentorship & Grants for Emerging Entrepreneurs program will begin financially supporting third party accelerators and incubators in 2024, thereby extending our financial impact amongst a wider array of early-stage companies.

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Grand Investors Community (indirect)

Our Grand Investors Community is committed to invest in Ukrainian founders and other emerging entrepreneurs, carefully reviewing all funding applications that founders submit to us.

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Support Our Mission

At Grand Founders, we view impact through a socioeconomic lens that goes beyond ROI, the industries that portfolio companies operate within, and the growth of the portfolio.

Our Vision 
of Impact

Every investor views "impact" under a different lens. 
We think about the larger societal impact.

Entrepreneurs Support Their Local & National Economies

The growth of new, successful companies in a community not only leads to job creation, but also directly expands the tax revenue for local, regional, and national governments. This allows for the improvement of civil services - everything ranging from education to sanitation and security.

Entrepreneurs Are the Best Capacity Builders

Government- and nonprofit-driven capacity training programs provide critical support in diverse areas, but the most sustainable and lasting programs are the simplest: private companies. Thriving companies that hire and train local workforces to carry out their operations are the forces that provide the most direct skills training on the market.

Greater Affluence Brings Greater Voice

An unfortunate reality of our world is that economic strength often leads to disproportionate social and political strength in the world arena, thereby reinforcing future economic interests. And because we believe that economics and affluence are not a zero-sum game, we strive to give more voice to additional communities by supporting their economies.

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